Our Next Event

On the 12 and 13th of July Dr. Arnold and Joy Mol is hosting a parenting weekend to help equip parents for the task of raising children. The need for strong parents is currently a huge challenge in need for our community - we believe parents hold the power to shape the next generation.

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Our Mission:


We offer the community of Rustenburg opportunities to be heard, consoled, healed and empowered for their unique God created purpose



Our Mission

To receive people from our community with special needs to heal and grow be they single persons, married couples, families, orphans, homeless and destitute people, grieving, abused or addicted individuals

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Our Impact areas

Preparing and restoring couples for Godly marriages.

Ministering to individuals and families in crisis e.g. martial problems, coping with divorce, grieving of a loved one, addiction, financial planning, depression, loss of identity and purpose and abused women and children.

Journeying with and equipping parents and single parents, to become Godly fathers and mothers.

Supporting foster family homes for children.

Equiping and journeying with business men and  women to become servant leaders.



Year serving community

Rustenburg Transformation was began in 2018 with the heart of this organisation to help our community areas of desperate need.



hundred thousand People in and around rustenburg

4 out of  10 marriages divorce before their 10th anniversary. One in every four women is physically abused by her intimate partner. Every six hours, a woman is killed by her current or former intimate partner.



hundred orange trees planted

That wil provide free citrus fruits, rich in nutrients ,for the community within the next year.


Our Team

Our dynamic team is passionate about transforming our society with lasting change that will ripple throughout generations

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Our Programs

We provide a safe and neutral environments where people can come to share their hurts and needs, offering personal engagement to  encounter the grace, love and healing power of Jesus Christ.
Commiting to a journey to console, grow and empower men, women and children to live their unique calling as a member of the Body of Jesus Christ at home, at school and at work.



Preparing couples on their journey to and during marriage

Schedule and present “Together forever”, a 8 week, 2 hours per evening series by Deon and Hettie Farmer



Equipping and journeying with business men and woman to become servant leaders.
To source Christian Business Leaders to grow local business leaders  and their businesses as Kingdom businesses such as:

  • Half Time Forums

  • Transformational Leadership

  • Unashamedly Ethical

  • Business by the Book


Victory weekend

Victory Weekend is a powerful two-day course run over a weekend. It is designed to assist believers in breaking free from their past and present bondages. It will equip you to walk in the victory Christ purchased on the Cross. Hundreds of people have been through these weekends with many amazing testimonies of God taking them to new levels of freedom and wholeness. We see this course as vital for all church members and urge everyone to attend it at least once. We also see this course as a pre-requisite for leadership at His People Church.



Ministering to offenders in Correctional Centres, equipping them with Life Skills before and during parole and integrating them into their families and communities through the On Track For Life project.


Learning and supporting parents to be, young parents and single parents, to become Godly fathers and mothers.

Presenting Fatherhood and Women by design weekends for fathers and mothers.


life crisis

Establish an address to receive people in crisis to assess and refer for treatment as required.
To work with professional Christian councillors  and institutions


Sosialeconomic develepment

Initiating and grow viable and sustainable community development programs for the homeless and destitute people of our community. 
Support school feeding programmes. 
Implement seasonal environmental and temporary job creation projects such as “Orange trees for Rustenburg”, “Streetcars”



Supporting and blessing foster family homes for orphaned and vulnerable children such as Child Haven

Supporting volunteer parents/couples:

  • With legal guidance

  • Emotional and spiritual support,

  • Providing other resources on merit to enable the foster parents to journey for life with such children.


January 2019

The "recipe" that was laid on the hearts on how to care for these children was as a family unit.  We started with one child and now have seven children, of various ages,  in two different families.  We are endeavouring to grow with more families opening their hearts and homes to accept more of these vunerable children.

Tina du Toit 


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Become apart of the longterm solution

Join us in the fight to bring restoration to broken communities. Together we can create sustainable and long lasting change. Learn about how to get involved.


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Get involved in one or more programs we have to offer in which we can come along side you in a journey to a blessed life.

Volunteer opportunities

Loving hands and feet are a crucial factor in bringing change to a community. We can’t help all, but all can help one.

Make a Donation

If you don’t have spare time on hand but would stil like to make a difference in your community, partner with us by giving resources or finances.